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On this page we describe the standard service for offices.

We can advise you on the time needed to clean your office and if you give us the number of the days per week we can give you an estimate of your monthly payment.
  • Basic tasks and frequencies:
Empty and clean all waste bins into refuse sack. D
Dust, damp wipe, polish furniture, ledges, sills, cabinets etc to a height of 2 m. D
Wipe and clean all telephones.  D
Remove finger marks from doors.  D
Dust office equip and computers.  D
Collect/wash up and dry crockery.  D
Damp mop floor.  D
Vacuum carpeted floors. D
Clean and disinfect all hand basins, WCs, splash backs and urinals. D
To scour and buff all toilet fittings.  D
Deep clean of WCs. M
Sweep, mop and disinfect hard flooring.  D
Renew as required all toilet requisites (with client's material)  D
Cleaning and polishing all mirrors.  D
Cleaning of lights and accesories (walls and ceilings). Q
Wooden floors: waxing. D
Wipe clean and polish external signs and fittings.  M
Polish marble floors. A
Wash carpet floors.  A
Deep cleaning of upholstery.  A
Thorough clean of all furniture, cabinets, etc.  M

All these tasks will be done in the working time agreed in the contract.
  • Personnel
All our employees are selected and trained by the following procedures:

Checking of the last two years work history.

Theoretical training:
Comprehension and learning of all the skills of cleaning (8 hours)

Practical formation:
A week of training in one of our working centers.

Training in safety and hygiene:
Comprehension and learning of everything related to the prevention of labor risks(2 hours)
  • Quality
In the daily struggle to obtain the maximum quality of the service we focus especially on:

Quality control:
We continually monitor the cleaning performance standards achieved on each site of a contract to ensure consistency and achieve the specification requirements.
We have also a free phone number in order to facilitate the communication of any mistake in the quality of our service.

Continuing training:
Our personnel have the technical knowledge, the practical skills and problem solving abilities that are essential in cleaning maintenance.
  • Cleaning equipments and products
Generally the cleaning equipment and materials are supplied by the company.

The basic equipment consists of: uniform, bucket with wringer, broom, feather duster, rags, absorbent scourer and vacuum cleaner if needed.

We use the following cleaning products: multiuse spray for all kinds of surfaces, especial spray for cleaning wooden surfaces, liquids for cleaning all kinds of floors.

At the end of the day the whole equipment is cleaned the rags are washed and the whole equipment will be kept in the space indicated by the client.
  • Window cleaning
Unless the client asks for a separate quote for window cleaning, this will be done by the cleaner who makes the basic cleaning during the normal work schedule.